My all inclusive packages include:

– Analysis of your business model and goals to formulate everything you need to get your PMA up and running.

– Help in getting an EIN number for a business bank account if needed.

– One of four levels of private associations set up for you with creation of founding documents.

Standard PMA – non-statutory and in the private. Most standard business operations fall into this category such as doctor, dentist, book store, etc.

Faith-Based PMA – Protection of the separations of public and private domains. And in addition, evoking the separation of Church and State with our sincerely held religious beliefs in God or a higher power.

Ministry – Having both the separations of the public and private domains as well as separation of Church and State.  The Ministry adds the availability to put on Ministry projects such as fundraisers to help fund the Ministry.

Unincorporated church – the most comprehensive faith-based association. Based on “God” as your source of ministry, and has an actual structure for church gatherings.

Summary of Protections

Standard PMAFaith Based PMAMinistry (Nature)Ministry (God)
Private domain protectionsYESYESYESYES
Tax exemptonly if approved by IRSYESYESYES
Property Tax exemptionYES
exceptions may apply
Religious libertiesYESYESYES
Scriptural authorityYES

Source PMA is a Private Membership Association and Ministry ONLY

We are now accepting new members. Applications for Membership can be acquired through our contact page.