Personalized PMAs created specifically for your needs.

Your business is your business.

As your trusted advisor, I work with you to create the founding documents

for your specific type of PMA based on your business and goals.

Types of PMAs commonly created:

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How does a PMA work?

A PMA takes your business into the private domain. It is no longer open to the public and anyone who comes in or does business with you must be a member and sign a membership agreement. A PMA is a contract between humans and you do not need to submit your PMA paperwork to any state or federal agency. The only time your founding documents ever get looked at is if you somehow find yourself brought to a court of law. Properly written PMA documents will keep you in the private domain and the judge will simply dismiss any charges because he will recognize it is not in the court’s jurisdiction.

To learn more, check out these videos

Sarah, the founder of Source PMA, talks about how PMAs are protected by the constitution.

Chat between 4 newly formed PMAs (two cafe owners, a grocery store owner, and an MD) and the benefits received in going private

Interview between Freedom Angels and David Edwards explaining Private Health Associations relating to a natural health provider

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Source PMA is a Private Membership Association and Ministry ONLY

We are now accepting new members. Applications for Membership can be acquired through our contact page.